A. DHL advantage: our company to sign up for DHL level agents!


International express freight for customers, has become the main customers in China market to import goods to consider problem, if the Courier freight cost is too high, the foreign guest cost into consideration, imported goods lose their business sense. But how can I find a cheaper price Security services and nice Courier company?

A. The company has advantage than DHL official price and shipping time stated:

By in my company nature is there any discount for the DHL agent company, the price is cheap Cargo is large Add a day can provide a large amount of supply of goods for DHL, so the discount is more is very low, the freight charge guests are naturally can give to the often low discount Because the customer of the cargo If the guest to send DHL official must be without any discount, even if the guest have the DHL account, can send the cargo can have our guests? It is conceivable that it is can find my company delivery greatly reduce the freight cost on the freight.

I companies operating on the same day all DHL goods, delivered to DHL warehouse the same day So the transport of goods arrival time is differ with the official synchronization (my company discount low) on price.

2. Safety problems:

My company signed a contract agent at the same time, it is need to pay a large sum of money to DHL official as collateral, let the customer more trust, more trust.

3. Service attitude:

The company all staff must be through the logistics delivery for the qualification, can mount guard, division of labor details have the professional logistics knowledge express operation, avoid express wrong, let the customer more trust, more trust!

The company signed a contract agent partners: DHL FedEx UPS TNT international express company four global brands

The company's outstanding advantages:

Can be varied to the customer is selective to the different national express arrival time weight requirements Can provide customers with different lines, convenient to customers don't have to go to many Courier companies cooperation, at the same time my company agent for the brand of the world's top four international express company discount is very low, greatly reducing the customer goods export transportation costs.

Let the customer more money More convenient. More trust. Trust!