International express delivery giant layout is China's second - and third-tier cities has become a trend. On September 24, UPS announced this year has 13 second - and third-tier cities in China to expand business, for small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises to provide faster transit, later time, and supply chain consulting services.

UPS China in songjiang in the 21st century economic report reporter in an interview, China's foreign trade enterprises are now more inclined to take take the customer as the center of the business model, and look forward to closer cooperation and more reliable logistics support.

"We announced the business expansion plan, it is a response to this trend." Said li songjiang, UPS will increase in the local team and jobs, to high-tech systems and solutions, such as market segment provides and first-tier cities the same experience of customer service, help more for export opportunities for second - and third-tier cities enterprises achieve greater development.

Years to expand in 21 cities

At present, the UPS has been expanding including 13 cities in jiangsu province, danyang, changshu and yangzhou, the weifang in shandong province, jinan, weihai, yantai and zibo, yiwu, zhejiang huzhou, taizhou, and the southern province of guangdong zhaoqing, and chongqing.

"Select layout lower-tier cities is the customer's demand." Li songjiang said.

In 2014, UPS research in Shanghai, shenzhen, Qingdao and chengdu four focus areas, 1000 companies export manufacturing enterprises, issued the "made in China" enterprise development index research report. The report shows that China's manufacturing industry is in a rapid transformation, to the high added value, innovation and change the direction of the global connectivity.

In songjiang, says the challenge facing the small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in China is how to innovate, how to dock with the overseas market, and cost control, has a strong logistics partner enterprises in competition is possible.

KuangGuoLong UPS China express and air operations vice President told reporters, the 21st century economic report UPS by increasing aging, accuracy and safety to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to meet the needs of overseas customers, help customers to achieve sales plan.

KuangGuoLong, for example, high-tech product update quickly, product cycle is short, required products from the factory quickly arrived at the store, and therefore higher demands on supply chain management.

"The Chinese government actively promote logistics industry development and innovation, and no doubt win overseas trade bring huge opportunities for Chinese enterprises. We have already prepared to deepen cooperation with local enterprises and customers, work together to promote the growth of international business." KuangGuoLong said.

In songjiang, UPS the microscopic research into city blocks, customers and industry market management department, and contact with the government to understand the local industry shift direction and position, after comprehensive consideration chose the 13 cities, by the end of the year will also with hebei langfang, shijiazhuang, taiyuan, Shanxi Province hunan changsha, nanchang, in jiangxi province in qingyuan, guangdong province, kunming in yunnan province and jiangsu taizhou expand the eight cities.

KuangGuoLong said the city's main market customer facing Asia and Europe and North America import and export goods transport time is shorter, can be shortened 2 days at most. Prompt delivery guarantee services can cover more imported goods, UPS worldwide express service to ensure that imports a delivery before 12 noon or afternoon at two o 'clock.

In addition, the shipment deadline has been extended, can extend up to 6 hours, greater flexibility and convenience. KuangGuoLong said, after the huzhou market in January, under the send garment sample of customer requirements, take time by the usual 12 noon until 6 PM.

Giant break into lower-tier cities

In fact, in the international express delivery giant footprint, the layout is China's second - and third-tier cities, to provide international logistics solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises has become the consensus of people.

Fedex China eddy had told reporters through the asia-pacific hub, fedex will put the service network to expand to more second - and third-tier cities in China, at the same time to speed up the promotion of domestic service, provide domestic service for more customers.

Eddy, says research has shown that small and medium-sized enterprises with cross-border business than just focus on the domestic market of small and medium enterprises to achieve more success with the development of e-commerce, small and medium enterprises in the global economy is playing an increasingly important role.

Cic advisory senior research fellow at the rabbi in 21st century business herald reporter interview, said international express giants in the domestic cities and large market space is close to saturation, and the second - and third-tier cities small and medium-sized enterprise quantity, demand is big, to logistics enterprise provides more market opportunities. With the development of e-commerce, the domestic small and medium-sized enterprise's cross-border commodity trading activity is increasingly frequent, rising demand for international logistics.